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Foodservice trends to look forward to in 2018

15th Jan 2018
24 Taps Of Happy: This Malad Pub With A Beer Wall Will Spoil You For Choices

11th Jan 2018
Ditch conventional gifting options: Virtual gifting on cards

30th Dec 2017
Get a glass of wine and enjoy Christmas with Spain-like feel

25th Dec 2017
Extended Christmas Cheer With Beer For Just Rs 1 At This Bar!
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18th Dec 2017
Premium Beers For Just Re 1 Wish You A Beery Beery Christmas At The Beer Cafe

18th Dec 2017

11th Dec 2017
Booze Just Went Digital! You Can Now Stock Your Very Own Virtual Bar With Your Favourite Drinks

18th Dec 2017
The Beer Cafe brings Belgian beer brands to India

9th Nov 2017
Rahul Singh, founder, The Beer Cafe is NRAI's VP
Hotelier India

31st Oct 2017
Believe It Or Not, The Beer Cafe Is Serving Beer At ₹ 1 For 15 Days!

22 Oct 2017
Sehr Gut: The Beer Cafe launches its Oktobrewfest!
The World Of Liquor Spiritz

18 Sept 2017
Review: The Beer Cafe

13 Sept 2017
Ever Thought Premium Beer Could Be This Cheap?
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13 Sept 2017
DIY Is Passe, The Beer Cafe Is Making PYOB (Pour Your Own Beer) Cool & Sexy

11 Sept 2017
Bringing in a Beer revolution in India
Brewer World

22 Aug 2017
*OMG* Declaring Aug As Intl. Beer Month, The Beer Cafe Just Blessed Us With Beer Bingo!
SO Delhi

02 August 2017
The Beer Cafe celebrates 'International Beer Month'

02 August 2017
Sponsored: The Beer Cafe Launches New Summer Cocktails
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14 July 2017
Get high with these cocktail recipes

09 July 2017
'GST Should Have Been Implemented Much Earlier'

07 July 2017
This South Delhi Cafe Is Giving Free Bira 91 For An Entire Week!

01 July 2017
40 Kinds Of Beer Cocktails?! Beer LIIT, Skinny Mojito At The Beer Cafe For A Brewtiful Summer

22 June 2017
Men, Tuesdays Just Got Lucky For You!

17 June 2017
A Men's Night In Delhi? This Bar Is Offering Free Shots To Men Every Tuesday!

16 June 2017
Step Aside, Ladies: Men Get Free Shots & Discounts On Booze At This Bar

15 June 2017
The first Gurugrammers: Made city home in time of prohibition, now owns a pub
The Times Of India City

28 May 2017
Karaoke Night with feli hauhnar

20 May 2017
Rahul Singh: From bankruptcy to founding India's largest beer chain
Forbes India

14 May 2017
Be your own pourtender!
The Times Of India

11 May 2017
The Beer Cafe launches its 10th outlet in Mumbai

09 May 2017
Food Review: The Beer Central
Deccan Chronicle

06 May 2017
Summer chill: This popular bar in Mumbai is offering beer at only Rs. 10

26 Apr 2017
The Beer Cafe Is Pouring Drinks At Rs. 5 And It Feels Like Summers Just Got Cooler

10 Apr 2017

09 Apr 2017
The Beer Cafe Is Pouring Drinks At INR 5* Until April 15!

05 Apr 2017
Hospitality sector now clubbed with Thekas

05 Apr 2017
This Saturday, The Beer Cafe Is Offering Beer At ₹9.1 & No, It's Not An April Fool's Prank

29 Mar 2017
High Street Phoenix welcomes The Beer Cafe
Absolute India News

22 Feb 2017
DJ night at THE BEER Cafe
Chef at Large

18 Feb 2017
Valentines Celebration with your loved one!
Meri Outings

03 Feb 2017
On a Berry Good Thought

03 Feb 2017
Beer Appreciation Workshop At The Beer Cafe
Life Unpacked

24 Jan 2017
For A Spirited Get-Together
Bombay Times

06 Jan 2017
Spunky Saturday

05 Jan 2017
WOW Wednesday's at The Beer Cafe
Meri Outings

04 Jan 2017
It's party time! But, mind you, make sure you drink responsibly
The Indian Express

25 Dec 2016
Restaurant Review: Beer Cafe's, Breakfast Menu
Shivangi Reviews

21 Dec 2016
Beer Breakfast At The Beer Cafe
She Knows Grub

20 Dec 2016
The Beer Cafe sets anchor with India's biggest beer wall
India Press Release

20 Dec 2016
Beer Cafe Unleashes Its Breakfast Menu For The Weekend Grub
D For Delhi

13 Dec 2016
Satiate Your Taste
The Times Of India (Delhi Times), Pg12

22 Oct 2016
Beer gets technical
Business Standard, Pg4

8 Oct 2016
Bond Over Beer
Mirror, Pg31

20 Sep 2016
Rejoice With Beer
Sakaal Times (Plus4), Pg03

17 Sep 2016
The Beer Cafe's CEO Rahul Singh Shares His Success Story
Magicpin Blog

13 Sep 2016
Have Your Beer Chilled With Some Cutting-Edge Gadgets
Business Standard

12 Sep 2016
Indie Folk
The Asian Age

9 Sep 2016
Beer-y Good ideas
Mid Day

5 Aug 2016
International Beer Festival

1 August 2016
Saturday Delight
Sakal Times

21 July 2016
Rae Valentine
NRI News

14 July 2016
Music Man
Michael Anthony Mirror

9 July 2016
#Lbbrecommends meal Deals to get you through the week
Little Black Book

8 July 2016
Goodbay to curfew hours?
Times of India

30 June 2016
Brewing Fun
India Today

June 2016

30 June 2016
The Beer cafe's beerosphere

21 June 2016
Daddy Cool
Absolute India

19 June 2016
Daddy Cool
Absolute India

19 June 2016
'Know Your Beer'-a first in the F&B industry
Absolute India

18 June 2016
Beery good news!
Blippar India Mid day

6 June 2016
Goodies for tv Junkies
May 2016
Cutting Beer
30 May 2016
Spirited Saturday
28 May 2016
Brewed to Perfection
Mail Today

07 May 2016
Two Shots of cutting beer please...
Deccan Herald

05 May 2016
Cutting Beer
What's Hot

03 May 2016
Spirited Saturdays
NRI News

26 April 2016
A Gala Time
Sakal Times

22 April 2016
Good News for Gurgaon
Giggle Water 411

14 April 2016
Deccan Herald

19 March 2016
Biggie Spirited Saturday
Deccan Herald

19 March 2016
Spirited Saturdays at The Beer Cafe 'Biggie'

19 March 2016

18 March2016
For the Large Lovers
Deccan Chronicle

March 2016
Spirited Saturdays

5 March 2016

4 March 2016
The Beer Cafe to raise 15 crore debt funding
Restaurant India

3 March 2016
A new biggie comes to town
1 March 2016
It's beer o' clock at SoBo
26 February 2016
Fun Night
Sakal Times

18 February 2016
Spirited Saturday

9 February 2016
Beering it Up!
Chef at Large

8 February 2016
Go Listen
Bangalore Mirror

5 February 2016
Burp More with Beer
WhatsUp Bangalore

2 February 2016
The Beer Cafe is looking to raise nearly $40 mn from PE funds

1 February 2016
Musical rush

29 January 2016
A dash of hope
Absolute India

24 January 2016
An Exhilarating Night
Sakal Times

23 January 2016
Strumming to one sound
Deccan Herald

22 January 2016
Barbeque fest
Hindu Metroplus

21 January 2016
Groovy twist
Deccan Herald

16 January 2016
Music Over Beer
TBC, Sakal Times

17 December 2015
TBC, The Goden Sparrow

12 December 2015
Cheers to December
Brewtails Indulge

11 December 2015
Making music
8 December 2015
One-Millionth Customer 'Wanted'
Sakal Times

7 December 2015
Soulful Saturday
Pune Mirror

25 November 2015
Visit This | Music
Economic Times

24 November 2015
The Raushan Verma Scheme
The Golden Sparrow

21 November 2015
It's tea time, folks
Deccan Herald

18 November 2015
Something brewing
Absolute India

3 November 2015
City Gets Another All Day Diner
Bombay Times

3 November 2015
Guitar riffs
Deccan Herald

30 October 2015
Straight from the heart
Deccan Herald

28 October 2015
Celebrating festivities!
The Sunday Pioneer

25 October 2015
Melting pot of beers
Bangalore Mirror

2 October 2015
Hindustan Times

30 September 2015
oktoberfest comes to Delhi NCR
Outlook Traveller

29 September 2015
Bira Bucket Offer at the Beer Cafe

25 September 2015
The Beer Cafe

18 September 2015
Ready For Chutzpah
Sakal Times

10 September 2015
A colourful Musical Night
Sakal Times

2 September 2015
More on taps
Business India

August 2015
Unwind over good food and beverages
Bangalore Times

15 August 2015
Celebrating World Beer Day with pints and pizzas
Deccan Chronicle

8 August 2015
'Christabel' at The Beer Cafe
The Golden Sparrow

8 August 2015
ALE & Hearty
Deccan Chronicle

1 August 2015
The Beer Cafe, Bangalore
Bangalore Times

28 July 2015
The Beer Cafe open in Bengaluru; eyes 19 more outlets
Deccan Herald

26 July 2015
Mediterranean delights come to the city
The Times of India (Delhi)

18 July 2015
Sundowner fun, Mediterranean Style
Delhi Times

16 July 2015
Better with Beer!
Afternoon Despatch & Courier

10 July 2015
Rock on with Antarix
The Golden Sparrow

27 June 2015
It's cheers from all quarters
Economic Times

22 June 2015
Delicious Multi-Cuisine Dishes at This Cafe
Bombay Times

June 2015
New Beverage Cafe Opens Doors In City
Bombay Times

June 2015
The Scheme of Things
Pune Mirror

16 May 2015
Going acoustic
Mumbai Mirror

6 May 2015
Business of food
Caldron Magazine

May 2015
The Beer Cafe- Reviewed!
Dumbbells & Drama

4 April 2015
Brewtails-A Tale of Beer Cocktails

23 March 2015
Don't miss Spirited Saturdays...
Pune Mirror

19 March 2015
Friday Gurgaon

5 March 2015
All That Froth
The Tribune Lifestyle Tribune

3 March 2015
The Beer Cafe launches Brewtails, the signature cocktail menu
Restaurant India

24 February 2015
Pints and Pubs

19 February 2015
Celebrate the Season of Love...
The Golden Sparrow

9 February 2015
Revised Menu @ The Beer Cafe
20 January 2015
Check out the latest flavour in town
28 December 2014
The Beer Cafe plans overseas expansion
15 December 2014
Good food and music completed this do
15 December 2014
Beer shows most growth among alco-beverages in India
14 December 2014
Restaurant Review
Pune Times

21 November 2014
Office Space
ET Panache

14 November 2014
A cafe with a difference
The Golden Sparrow

1 November 2014
Bottoms up, everyone
ET Panache

10 October 2014