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What beer does for your spirits, The Beer Café does for your soul. Beer isn’t pretentious. It isn’t just a cold, refreshing, delicious brew- it’s liquid gold. It’s an age old unifier, that transcends culture and class to bring people together- be it friends who want to catch a game, a chief who wants to applaud the team’s win, a family looking to unwind over light- hearted banter and even complete strangers from disparate worlds pondering over the intricacy of their craft brews. Beer is... modest, historic, artistic and truly divine.

Whether you share a ‘tower’ or a ‘cutting’, it’s time to put aside your worries and savour the moment one sip at a time. Every pint is a celebration. And that’s what The Beer Café is all about—discovering an unconditional #LoveForBeer and letting it take over.

Here, the most important expression is neither love, nor life. It’s #LoveForBeer, usually enjoyed most by those who love life. The light, cheery setting of The Beer Café will be the first thing you’ll notice. Of course, this is not your usual watering hole. This is a neighborhood place for those who love their beer and more than that, love to bond over it. From peppy chartbusters to classic rock music and live band performances, The Beer Café is a delight for music buffs across the country.

You can drop in for a beer or two or more, that’s for you to decide. And it will be a hard decision to make, given 50 brands from 19 countries and the largest collection of draught beers to utterly spoil you for choice. Also, don’t miss out on the delectable food menu where we have tried to create something special, something better, something fun and interesting. With a shot of confidence pair your favourite beer with food and you’d be surprised how well they go together. Beer is so versatile, there are so many styles with different qualities, strengths and flavours- which means there’s a dish for every beer and a beer for every dish!