‘URBar’- Your personal bar on the cloud!

‘URBar’, a virtual bar which allows patrons to reserve and consume their favourite brands. One can explore from a wide selection of alco-beverage, pre-pay and stock them in ‘URBar’. The latest ‘wallet for your drinks’ initiative highlights the brand’s vision to redefine the alco-beverage space through technology differentiation and further strengthen its position as a pioneer.

The way ‘URBar’ works is pretty straightforward. Log in to The Beer Café’s mobile app. Click on ‘URBar’ icon. Reserve in form of bottle (for spirits), keg (for draught beer), or case (for bottled beer). And start consuming. Easy, right? Not only patrons get a privilege to buy their favourite brands at a special price but also benefit from one price across the nation. One can choose any portion they wish to consume at any Beer Café outlet spread across 12 cities and save the latter for next outing. The bottle/keg purchased stands as a prepaid instrument and stock diminishes as the consumer opts to consume.

What’s more, it also give patrons the option to spread the cheer around by ‘gifting’ customisable amounts of their reserved stock to friends, family and colleagues. Now that’s seriously taking spirits to another high! Your loved ones get notified when you share the tipple love with them! To relish the gift; one has to simply download the app and start consuming.

Gear up for a spirited celebration on a new high as you carry ‘URBar’; your personal bar on cloud from The Beer Café on your phone!