The Beer Cafe

your liquid sunshine

Quirky and fun Merchandise 1:1 replica



“If you are looking to have a “great time”, be sure to spend it with us”

Founded in 2012, The Beer Café has been one of the fastest growing alco-beverage chains in India with over 40+ outlets across the nation and growing consistently. Now whether it’s because of our brilliant collection of international brews, delectable food pairings; matching the best of savoury delicacies with a global array of beers from over 20 different countries, the quirky interiors of all our dining spaces, or the musical vibrancy and ever so rythmic atmosphere of our party lounges, we always aim to excel in our space.
The fun doesn’t stop here; the décor, the bustling atmosphere and utter jubilance of our patrons immersed in soaking up the liquid sunshine is a delight to witness for all partygoers.

The Beer Café concept arose from our passion for “good food and great beer” aiming to provide all Beer lovers with an opportunity to indulge in their favourite craft beer while tucking in on our exotic food delights. Add to this “exemplary service”, and we have the three pillars of our operational mantra, which we endeavour to fulfil each day.

To enhance The Beer Café experience, we also boast of a great staff…… the BREW CREW!!!….. So feel free to hand over all your angst of ordering to our brew crew the next time you visit us!!!
We have always believed success is a fortune of our friendship with our patrons.