The Beer Cafe


Nothing makes us happier than forging our bond deeper and stronger, this is why we have designed a unique concept of Brew Miles within our revolutionary mobile based application—“GET”

BREWMILES – A token of our appreciation for you!!!!

How it works- To use the program, a customer has to simply download The Beer Café app, visit the Brew Miles section and scan the QR code on their receipt to ‘Earn’ points- one point for each rupee spent. The program is designed to reward loyal patrons with gifts worth 10% of their amount spent. Points earned can then be ‘burnt’ or redeemed with one-click for a variety of rewards listed in ‘Redeem’ section listed within the app.

Accumulate enough points and you could also redeem it for a mug/pitcher of popular domestic and International draught beers!

In addition to ‘Brew Miles’, The Beer Café app contains various helpful features including the menu, upcoming events, ongoing promotions, store locator and a virtual outlet tour.